A Time Lord. Shade was noted for his very kind nature. He left Gallifrey in his tardis, using it as a self-styled ambulance, upsetting the Time Lords because of their law of non-interference. He aided the planet Eternal Flame when he learned of the planet’s fate, assisting them in developing a device which placed the planet in a time anomaly, saving it from its ultimate destruction. When Shade heard of the destruction on the Moon of Olympia by the Carnage, he went there to see if he could help anyone in need and he found the twins, Ka-al & Da-al in the ruins. Taking them into his tardis, which was guised as a luminous Fleurdelisianwood tree, he became their guardian and mentor and they lived with him, traveling to different worlds in need. Shade taught them many things about time and space and taught them how to pilot his tardis. Shade was pursued by the former Chronicle, Evel Scin, who learned that he was a Time Lord and yearned to acquire his tardis. Scin trapped Shade and transported him without his tardis, by a Trans-mat, to an unknown location in the universe. He presumed dead.