The objects used for performing in the Fête of the Nas Ramaj by the Pierrots. They are the transmutated form of humans, changed into inanimate objects by the Fortune Teller of the Fête, and still possess the soul of its human originator. Although inanimate, the objects are of organic origin and continue to be living beings. As such they still feel and their sadness is palpable. Together, the objects, having the form of items such as an umbrella or ball, give off an oppressive psychic wave of sadness, called the Aura of Sad Souls, which hangs over the Fête.

As the transmutation creates a prop from its human originator, a Pierrot arrives to retrieve it and use it in performance in the Fête. This transformation causes a picture of the prop to instantly appear on one of the Fortune Teller’s cards, which she places in a deck that holds the cards depicting every other prop.

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