Also called the Fête of Souls, it is a dark and ancient traveling carnival that appears in many places throughout Earth’s history. Inaugurated in ancient times by a nameless malevolent spirit who stole and imprisoned the souls of her victims, in modern times, the spirit inhabits the form of a Victorian fortune teller machine, telling fortunes from a deck of cards. Lulling her prey into a trance, she transforms them into inanimate objects; props, such as unicycles, balls or umbrellas. The props possess the souls of the victims, whose sadness felt tangibly in the Aura of Sad Souls. As the transformation commences, a picture of the object appears instantly on one of the cards, which collect in an ever-increasing deck. A henchman of the Fortune Teller, a Pierrot retrieves the object and uses it as a prop for performing in the Fête.

The Fête appears in a location, seemingly from nowhere and like a Pied Piper, supernaturally draws in many unsuspecting victims. Legends of the Fête have spread over the centuries, hinting at the unexplained disappearances and strange happenings. The Fête grows as its collection of props grow, generated from its never-ending supply of prey and its introduction of a Pierrot for every prop created.

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