A human teenager from the Roman Empire of first century Earth who was discovered to possess the Kronixus particle and was taken out of time to the Place of the Writers by the Sirdar to become a Chronicle of Ages. Adept at learning, she became enticed by power and yearned to seize and rule her planet, Earth. Though being assigned to write the history of another planet, she secretly learned the past and future history of Earth and determined to change the books. Canon was the chronicle assigned to Earth’s history. She befriended him with the intent of making him fall in love with her, and manipulated him into re-writing Earth’s history for her own benefit. Learning of the exploits of the Doctor and his effects on Earth’s history, Delilah constructed a detailed plan to neutralize his influence by altering the books of Gallifrey itself and catalyzing the creation of the planet Deth and its brutal race the Carnage, all in an effort to use them to gain power on Earth and throughout the galaxy.