A remnant of the sentient moon of the Planet of War and Peace which still possessed the consciousness of the entity and could still exert an influence on other beings. Chaos stones were radioactive and considered co-parasitic, meaning they sustained their sentient life from organisms which also fed on them. They were formed when the Gentri of the Xhir people destroyed their moon.

One Chaos Stone floated through space and eventually fell to the surface of the planet Sleech and became the co-parasitic host of a Sleech being. The stone was brought along unknowingly with the Sleech being when it was collected by the slave-trader and poacher Vagus, who brought it to Earth. Under the influence of the stone, the Sleech being escaped and there began to create a ring of radioactive energy which negatively influenced the Secret Brotherhood of Bully Boys, prompting them to commit mischief in the city of New York in the 1920’s.

One Chaos Stone meteor was manipulated to fall to the planet Deth’s surface by the chronicle, Delilah in her plan to alter the histories of galaxies. Its sentient influence accelerated the mental development of the Triumvirate, rulers of the brutal race, the Carnage. It was under its influence that the Triumvirate conquered their planet and eventually led the Carnage to spread themselves throughout the galaxies, pillaging and destroying every civilization they touched, making them feared throughout the universe.

(See also Moon Entity)